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Long-established agency rebrands by taking parent company’s name

Burns & Webber, a long-established name in the Surrey property market, is rebranding by adopting its parent company’s name, Curchods.  The four...

03 April 2024

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Carbon Neutral Claim by large lettings and sales agency group

Leaders Romans Group claims to have achieved carbon neutrality for a second consecutive year.  A statement claims LRG has undertaken “several notable...

07 March 2024

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PropTech: New Lettings Progression function for agents - and soon

Alto says it’s introducing new Lettings Progression functionality which will roll out in the first half of this year - so...

27 February 2024

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HMO warning letters ignored by rogue lettings agency

A lettings agency has pleaded guilty to seven offences relating to an HMO. IHomes Letting Limited has been fined £16,970 for failing...

11 December 2023

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PropTech supplier to unveil upgrades to beefed-up platform

Goodlord is set to unveil at least 10 upgrades to its platform in a webinar this afternoon at 2pm.  The enhanced platform,...

06 November 2023

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New survey to help politicians make rental policy

The Welsh Housing Minister has committed to a Housing Survey to assist its policies for the private rental sector. Propertymark has been...

27 October 2023

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Rayner’s Section 21 Reform must not kill private rental sector - warning

Propertymark has fired a broadside at Labour saying it must provide agents with a proper court system to handle evictions. Labour deputy leader...

10 October 2023

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Husband and wife triple their lettings business overnight

Husband-and-wife team John and Shirley Ounsworth have completed on the acquisition of Osprey Lettings. The couple - who run a Northwood franchise...

10 October 2023

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Police urge agents to smoke out illegal cannabis farms

Police are urging letting agents and landlords to act swiftly if they think one of their properties is being used as...

26 September 2023

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Rural property firm name disappears into parent company brand

Scottish agency and chartered surveyor firm DM Hall is to incorporate the identity of its rural property specialist arm, Baird Lumsden,...

07 September 2023

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Agent Alert - Trading Standards new guidance on To Let wording

The National Trading Standards Estate and Lettings Agency Team has issued new guidance on terminology used in property advertising - particularly lettings. The...

16 August 2023

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Agency and council work together on unlikely safety campaign

After numerous stories of councils and letting agencies at each others’ throats over To Let boards, Trading Standards and other controversies,...

12 July 2023

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Council brands lettings agency “dodgy” and issues big fine

The agency and landlord responsible for letting a two-bedroom flat in Dagenham have been found guilty in court for providing extremely...

21 March 2023

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It’s War! New council attack on ‘eyesore’ To Let boards

A council is set to renew its war on To Let boards. In summer 2018, Leciester council brought into effect a new...

16 March 2023

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Agents’ chance to think faster, sharper and better

Propertymark’s showcase event this year is to be addressed by a person who is a chartered psychologist, neuroscientist, science communicator, author...

15 March 2023

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Are EPCs reliable for estimating energy efficiency?

Shocking new research shows that Energy Performance Certificates are inaccurate at best, useless at worst, and easily rigged. A Sunday Times report...

28 February 2023

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Pets cause more expensive property damage than children - claim

With the debate ranging over pets in lets, a new analysis by comparative website Compare The Market suggests pet damage is...

26 August 2022

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Change on the agenda for leading inventory clerks’ trade association

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks says it’s going to propose evolutionary changes at its upcoming annual general meeting. This will include...

15 June 2022

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Agency offers £2k holiday as part of brand promotion

A lettings and sales agency is offering eagle eyed residents the chance to win a £2,000 holiday if they spot one...

26 April 2022

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Do we still need To Let boards in 2022?

A business news website is reporting that an agency has been ordered to pay £1,550 for displaying a board illegally. Charles Lear...

16 March 2022

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Property Management Software: Top tips for busy letting agents

During the last year, the industry has experienced a rollercoaster of highs and lows as agents experienced rental peaks, stock shortages,...

24 November 2021

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Police tips for agents on how to smoke out cannabis farms

Police officers are this week raising awareness among agents about the signs of potential cannabis grows. The campaign is being led in...

17 November 2021

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Police confront man who stole To Let sign from property

Local media in Bournemouth report that a man was stopped by the police when he was seen after dark carrying a...

11 November 2021

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Get In Shape - Agent Rainmaker bootcamp back after the pandemic

Agent Rainmaker’s bootcamp - which aims to focus letting agents on the structure of their business whilst also breaking boards and...

28 October 2021

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Clampdown on boards after code of conduct ‘ignored’ by agents

A local authority in Essex is cracking down on what it claims to be the increase of illegally positioned estate agent...

24 August 2021

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Council seeking info on agencies that worked with rogue landlord

A council says it’s looking for lettings agencies that worked with a rogue landlord who's been issued with a four year banning order. Bristol...

03 March 2021

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Another independent agency’s lettings book snapped up by franchise giant

A branch of Martin & Co has completed its second independent lettings book acquisition in 18 months. Martin & Co Chelmsford, part...

02 February 2021

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New mega-agency will manage over 70,000 tenanted properties

The takeover of Hunters by The Property Franchise Group means the combined operations will manage over 70,000 tenanted properties across the...

29 January 2021

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Revealed - what prospective tenants miss on viewings

A new survey has highlighted what prospective renters and buyers are likely to miss during a property viewing. The study, by the...

19 November 2020

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Delivering a speedy end of tenancy deposit negotiation – the top tips

Tenancy deposit disputes are messy and often frustrating for all involved. While the number of formal disputes remains low, the pandemic...

10 November 2020

From: Legislation & Compliance

Agents – here are five simple tips for job searching

There’s no denying it, job hunting can be hard work – even more so at the moment, with all that’s going...

29 October 2020

From: Recruitment & Business Matters

Propertymark names new leader for revamped organisation

Propertymark, which will from later this year combine both the National Association of Estate Agents and the Association of Residential Letting...

24 September 2020

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Lettings market slows in August after post-lockdown boom

The letting market experienced a traditional seasonal decline in August, according to the latest analysis from Agency Express. Its Property Activity Index...

18 September 2020

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Police bust major £400,000 drugs racket run by rogue landlord

West Midlands Police have revealed that a major drugs racket being run by a rogue landlord from his properties in Coventry...

16 September 2020

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£87,000 fine after rental flats declared “serious risk to life”

A buy to let investor has been found guilty of letting out poor quality living accommodation that was said to pose...

10 March 2020

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Radio station uncovers sex-for-rent adverts by landlords

An undercover investigation by the LBC radio station has revealed unscrupulous landlords who expect sex from women tenants in return for...

17 December 2019

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The next generation of renters has arrived. Are you ready to find them a home?

You don’t need to go far for news about the UK lettings market. From the banning of tenant fees to proposed...

27 November 2019

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Slow winter ahead for private rental sector warns market monitor

Agency Express, the board company that monitors the lettings market through demand for its To Let and Let By boards, warns...

26 November 2019

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Agency voluntarily scraps To Let boards ‘as most renters look online’

A lettings agency has voluntarily decided to scrap To Let boards in densely populated areas, because they are unsightly and in...

07 November 2019

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10 ways tenants can beat damp and mould

As winter is coming, it’s time to think about how to protect your property from damp and mould. This silent assassin...

11 October 2019

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Friend first, boss second, probably agent third - Brent's back with new video

First, he was trying his hand in lettings, then he devised a 2.5% commission to take on Purplebricks. Now, after nine months...

09 October 2019

From: Breaking News

Independent rebrands to Hunters as franchise expansion continues

An independent previously known as Adams Estate Agents has rebranded as Hunters as the franchise giant’s expansion programme continues. The office is...

11 September 2019

From: Breaking News

More power for landlords? Two largest trade bodies to merge in New Year

The two largest landlord trade groups are to merge. The National Landlords Association and the Residential Landlords Association will unite to form...

30 August 2019

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Rental market strong this summer says board company index

Activity in the lettings market has picked up over the summer after a surprising lull in the spring, according to the...

23 August 2019

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ARLA gives public a five point plan on how to choose a lettings agent

The Association of Residential Letting Agents has released a five point plan on how the public can choose a letting agent. 1....

21 August 2019

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Thousands of buy to let investors may be due stamp duty rebates - claim

Landlords have been urged to seek advice about potential stamp duty rebates on ‘uninhabitable’ second properties after a landmark tribunal case. A...

18 June 2019

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Independent agency snapped up by Experts In Property member

Collyers, an Experts in Property estate and lettings agency with two branches in North Devon, has hoovered up a lettings firm...

28 January 2019

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Proposed ban on boards prompts call: 'Do we still need To Let boards?'

Another council has been given the go ahead to ban To Let boards in part of a city - with government...

23 January 2019

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PropTech firm creating ‘rental dashboards’ wins key FCA approval

A PropTech company has won approval from the Financial Conduct Authority to go ahead with a scheme which offers tenants a...

23 November 2018

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Buoyant - the description of the lettings market from Agency Express

The latest data from Agency Express shows what the company calls “buoyant figures” for the UK lettings market in October.  Following a...

19 November 2018

From: Breaking News

To Let boards restricted in size, number and location by local council

A city council has introduced highly specific guidelines as to the number, size and positioning of To Let boards following apparent...

22 October 2018

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He's at it again - now buy to let multi-millionaire evicts single mothers

Newspapers in Kent are reporting that controversial buy to let multi-millionaire Fergus Wilson has evicted four single mothers from his properties...

20 July 2018

From: Breaking News

At last - lettings market comes back to life after 'slumber spring'

The lettings market is looking distinctly healthier now than a month ago according to data just released by board company Agency...

22 June 2018

From: Breaking News

It's war - council on the attack over To Let boards

Letting agents and landlords will have to win planning consent to erect To Let signs in student areas of Leicester from...

12 June 2018

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Far more than Three Billboards - £10,000 wanted for anti-S24 campaign

A campaign opposing the government’s recent tax changes which have penalised buy to let investors has taken a leaf out of...

07 June 2018

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Market dip - letting agents' board figures down in April

There was a decline in both the number of To Let and Let By properties during April, according to the latest...

21 May 2018

From: Breaking News

Lettings market picking up momentum after annual lull

The UK lettings market has enjoyed a 'robust' start to 2018, according to the latest Agency Express Property Activity Index. The number...

20 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Government backs one of UK's largest selective licensing schemes outside London

The government has given the go ahead to what will be one of the UK’s largest selective licensing scheme outside of...

15 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Council tackles complaints about 561 unauthorised To Let boards

The city council in Nottingham claims it has taken action against no fewer than 561 unauthorised To Let boards under powers...

14 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Council back on warpath fining agency for unauthorised boards

Letting agency Saxons has been fined more than £3,000 after pleading guilty to the offence of displaying an unauthorised To Let...

03 October 2017

From: Breaking News

Spike in new rental listings according to board company survey

  Agency Express says there has been a bounce in the number of new lettings listings across the UK.   Following unusually slow activity...

21 September 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings market hit worrying low in recent weeks, says board firm

July’s activity data from board company Agency Express has revealed a significant slowdown in the number of rental properties coming on...

21 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings market cooling during early summer, says Agency Express

There’s been a cooling in the lettings market in the early part of summer - a time when the sector is...

20 July 2017

From: Breaking News

City agencies agree to voluntary restrictions on To Let boards

Letting and estate agencies in Brighton and Hove have agreed to voluntary restrictions on the erection of To Let and For...

21 June 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings market enjoys 'robust' boost, claims board company

There has been a ‘robust’ improvement in the lettings market according to board company Agency Express.   It says its nationwide data on...

21 June 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings companies fined over illegal advertising boards

A local authority has clamped down on what it describes as illegal advertising boards, fining agencies thousands of pounds in the...

20 June 2017

From: Breaking News

Landlords fined for fire safety failings, mould and dangerous wiring

Two landlords have been fined almost £14,000 for breaching a multitude of property management regulations. Abdul Qadir, 56, and Dr Mohammed Anwar,...

12 June 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings market wobbling according to figures from board company

Data from Agency Express suggests that the lettings market is wobbling with a sharp decline in its usual measure - the...

18 May 2017

From: Breaking News

Lettings market activity on the rise according to board company

The latest data from Agency Express suggests nationwide increases in both new listings and properties let during March.    National figures for properties...

21 April 2017

From: Breaking News

Race row landlord calls in police after To Let boards vandalised

The controversial landlord who made provocative remarks about some tenants leaving ‘curry smells’ in his properties is now complaining to the...

04 April 2017

From: Breaking News

To Let boards may be banned across one of UK's largest cities

Manchester council is considering a city-wide ban on letting agents’ To Let boards.   The local authority says the plethora of boards in some...

28 February 2017

From: Breaking News

Rental sector enjoys 'robust start to year' says board company

The latest data from Agency Express shows what the board company describes as “a robust start to 2017” as the rental...

20 February 2017

From: Breaking News

Agents and councillors in voluntary deal over To Let boards

Four letting agencies and a number of local councillors in York appear to have reached a voluntary agreement to reduce the...

17 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Another council considers restricting To Let boards in key rental areas

A consultation on whether to introduce stronger rules to control the number of 'to let' boards in Durham has just started.    The...

10 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Council request to extend To Let board ban rejected by government

Brighton and Hove council has failed in its bid to win government backing to ban To Let boards. The council sought government...

22 November 2016

From: Breaking News

ARLA speaks out against council's possible ban on To Let boards

Earlier this month we reported on Belfast council’s decision to open a public consultation on whether To Let boards should be...

16 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Another council puts squeeze on agents' To Let boards

Another local authority is considering a ban to reduce the impact - or possibly ban outright - agents' To Let boards.  Residents...

07 November 2016

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Don’t let damp and mould damage your property

Damp and mould can mean big problems for landlords, letting agents and tenants. It can cause stress and even health issues...

02 November 2016

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Fine for owner of very poor unlicensed and rotting apartment

A landlord has been ordered to pay more than £4,200 in fines and costs for not having a licence for his...

31 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Government ponders bid to ban To Let boards in parts of city

The government is considering a ban on the display of To Let boards in parts of Leicester following a council bid...

21 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Council threatens letting agencies with prosecution over To Let boards

Letting agents and landlords are being reminded to comply with an obligation to remove ‘to let’ signs in certain parts of...

06 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Rental market remains robust after summer slowdown

The UK rental market remains resilient, despite an expected summer slowdown in activity.  This is the message from the latest Agency Express...

16 September 2016

From: Breaking News

New Bill in Commons aims to curb 'over-extended' student lets

A Birmingham MP is to put a Bill to the House of Commons after the summer in his bid to stop...

29 July 2016

From: Breaking News

Plastics firm completes buy out of property display company

Wrights Plastics has bought long-standing property display specialist company Mid West Displays.  Wrights Plastics, which has developed a range of agency display...

30 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Agency Express relaunches lettings index using real-time board data

The number of properties across the UK categorised as To Let by board services company Agency Express has fallen 8.1 per...

09 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Councillor complains about obscene wording on agency's To Let sign

A Loughborough lettings agency has been accused of “obscene” advertising because of the wording used on To Let boards.  Councillor Ted Parton...

28 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Call for ban on letting agents' boards near university campus

There’s been a call to ban letting boards from streets near a university campus. Councillors in York say the boards which go...

20 November 2015

From: Breaking News

City's restrictions on To Let boards hailed a success by councillor

A bid to force letting agents to remove To Let boards from properties in areas of a city with high numbers...

03 November 2015

From: Breaking News

Agent claims 'filthy damage' by tenants getting worse

A report claims that agents and landlords are increasingly facing filthy property damage at the end of tenancies - and the...

28 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Advice for agents on securing empty student properties

The Master Locksmiths Association has set out advice to letting agents on the best way to secure student properties which in...

24 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Residents trigger voluntary removal of letting agent boards

Hundreds of To Let boards have been taken down in a suburb of south Liverpool as a result of a voluntary...

23 July 2015

From: Breaking News

City prepares for mandatory ban on To Let boards

Letting agents in two areas of Cardiff with large proportions of privately rented property will have to apply for consent to...

23 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Council confirms permanent ban on To Let boards

Reading Council in Berkshire has confirmed that a voluntary ban on letting agents boards in part of the town will be...

17 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Lettings board ban to be extended and made permanent

A trial voluntary ban on letting agents boards in part of a town has been declared such a success it could...

16 June 2015

From: Breaking News

Technology is arming high street agents in the online battleground

The presupposed notion still exists that new online agents are ‘tech savvy’ whilst the seemingly old fashioned high street agents are...

06 May 2015

From: Features

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