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Purplebricks-style lettings management portal to be launched

A new property management portal is being launched with the familiar aim of revolutionising the lettings industry - and it will utilise Purplebricks-style “local experts” across the country. 

The portal - to be called Apropos - claims it will establish new standards of transparency, fairness, and convenience for the benefit of both landlords and tenants. 

It has been designed and built by DJ Alexander Ltd, one of the UK’s largest independent property management companies. 


It is being announced today but will not launch until the second quarter of this year, using what it claims will be “cutting edge technology combined with a network of committed, local property experts providing the face-to-face client connections.”

It will launch in some as-yet undisclosed cities before being rolled out across the UK.

A statement from joint managing directors David and John Alexander says: “The number of properties in the private rental sector has more than doubled in the last 15 years and now accounts for over 20 per cent of all housing stock in the UK, around 5.5m households. 

“Across the UK millions of people rely on or contribute to the PRS yet the current process often leaves many feeling let down. With over 40 years of experience in the market we fully understand the frustrations of both landlords and tenants. 

“Over the last two years we have completely re-engineered the property management process. We firmly believe with Apropos we can deliver a vastly improved level of service that will reassure landlords and ultimately make tenants feel more comfortable and secure in their homes.”

The pair say that there are now over 10,000 property management companies throughout the UK with widely-ranging qualities of service. 

“Our new platform uses a standardised system to ensure that no matter where in the UK the service is delivered, the experience and ease of use remains the same” says the company.

“Apropos will provide 24-hour access for tenants and landlords to input and access data. Both tenant and landlord can view all relevant information and monitor responses and actions directly. This ensures that all participants know exactly what is going on at any time.”

The new platform has been built by a 30 strong technical team and will be supported by an existing staff of 150 together with what the firm describes as “a growing network of local experts throughout the country.”

David Alexander says: “The old system of property management is broken both in terms of the ethos but also in its means of delivery. We have set ourselves a grand challenge. We want landlords and our local business partners to be proud to be a part of Apropos and for tenants to want to stay in an Apropos managed property.”

Last week we reported that another new online lettings agency - Accommodation - was launching, once again pledging to revolutionise the sector.

  • icon

    "With over 40 years of experience in the market we fully understand the frustrations of both landlords and tenants." The inference being? Both parties are getting a bad deal from agents? More sweeping generalisations in the race to the bottom.

    What about the applicant I spoke to today who was charged £500 by PB only to be denied the property. Yes £500! In Somerset where the rest of us charge around £300.

  • Michael Lee

    I can't see £500 being charged personally. Having worked for PB previously on the lettings side, the standard application fee is £118.80 inc vat and you cannot physically pay this until the landlord has accepted the offer to let!! In a scenario where say 2 or 3 parties applied for the same property, no one would pay a penny until the landlord has chosen them as their preferred tenant and only then does the successful applicant then pay anything. So unless there were 4 adults and a guarantor thrown in somewhere (£72 inc vat) then £500 would be untrue. Me thinks a tenant is stretching the truth somewhat!!


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