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Tories should adopt Labour housing policy, say anti-agent campaigners

Generation Rent, a campaign group that is consistently critical of lettings agencies and landlords, says a priority of the new government must be to bring down rent. 

Yet at the same time, the group also wants the Boris Johnson administration to continue with the previous government’s policy to scrap Section 21 eviction powers.

Commenting on the election results, Generation Rent director Dan Wilson Craw says: "The Conservatives re-enter government with a manifesto commitment to abolish no-fault evictions. This is the key to giving renters security in their homes and preventing homelessness, and with cross-party support this should be at the top of the government’s agenda. 


“But to get it right, the government’s reforms must protect tenants whose landlord needs to sell, and prevent unscrupulous landlords from using rent rises to bully their tenants.

"Beyond this, the Conservatives want more home owners, and have promised longer term mortgages and discounted starter homes. But when two thirds of the private renter population has no savings at all - let alone enough for a deposit - the impact of these policies will be minimal.

"The priority should therefore be to bring down rents.” 



Craw continues: “To do this the government must look to their opponents' manifesto pledges to invest in hundreds of thousands of new social homes. This would help the worst-off tenants escape private sector rents, reducing demand in the wider market. Lower rents would then leave more money in tenants’ pockets – whether it helps them buy a house, or provides much-needed financial resilience."

  • jeremy clarke

    Reap what you sow, be careful......
    The more pressure put upon the private landlords and letting agents, the more that will leave and there is no easy alternative in a market that is already desperately short of housing to offer.
    With so much energy, these organisations would be better working with the industry rather than against it!
    Boris needs to reverse a lot of the wrongs that previous administration has forced upon landlords, encourage the prs and listen to those who provide, not the great unwashed who whip placards out and shout a lot .

  • James B

    Self serving charity ! They don’t house anyone so when landlords walk not their problem, but more work for them if homeless rockets ... they should be closed down by government

  • icon

    I can't see the Tories investing in Social Homes as that would create Labour voters.

    If Generation Rent want cheaper rents then they need to stop supporting Section 24 Tax on landlords as these additional costs are ultimately paid for by rents.

  • icon

    Dear Generation Rent.

    We didn't vote for a communist government. We voted for a government that allows free enterprise which in itself provides jobs and wealth for those people who are prepared to work for it.

  • Simon Shinerock

    I think it’s time for Generation Rent to Gexit

  • icon

    So you want landlords to help their tenants leave and buy a house????
    Since the tax changes I am only making £250 profit PER YEAR on my property so I may have to sell it and throw the tenant out.
    Labour want you to sign over the deeds of your property to the tenant
    Haven't you learnt anything from the referendum and the General Election?

  • icon
    • 16 December 2019 15:15 PM

    GR should no longer be pandered to.
    They are and always were a London Centric electoral demographic.
    As such they can now be safely ignored.
    They have been an electoral clique along with Central London.
    This demographic has been lost to the Tories.
    They won't be recovered.
    The future Tory electoral base lies in the North.
    A blue wall has now been created and needs to be maintained.
    It is far easier for people to buy Northern property.
    It is pointless wasting scarce funds on assisting GR to buy in the very expensive SE.
    Use such limited funding to assist those in the North.
    You'll get more Tory voting bang for your buck than waste it on a few self-entitled GR types who won't ever vote Tory as they are young and naive.
    Keep faith with the North and they will vote for you again.
    100% mortgages have been talked about and this would be great for aspirant homeowners outside the SE.
    Even with 100% mortgages SE property would still be unaffordable so don't bother trying to make it affordable as that can never succeed.
    If S24 was explained to the very sensible Northern people they would rightly consider it a bonkers policy.
    They certainly don't want LL selling up.
    They want the best mixed form of housing tenure so there is maximum choice to suit all pockets and domestic requirements.
    Personally I would abolish the SDLT surcharge and possibly ALL SDLT
    Plus get rid of S24 and retain S21.
    But what I would do is only allow any new BTL or LTB mortgages to be no more than 50% LTV.
    Any existing mortgages may be retained on existing LTV but may not be increased beyond where it is now.
    That will reduce the amount of capital that could be spread around multiple rental properties.
    As an aspiration for the PRS I believe no more than 50% LTV would be wise.
    As for rent reduction only by reducing demand will rents potentially reduce.
    As it stands there are currently 1 in 5 non-British Nationals on Council House waiting lists.
    This is outrageous..All non-British Nationals should be removed from social housing and any Council housing waiting list.
    British citizens should have housing priority over foreigners irrespective of any alleged need by such foreigners.
    Substantial reduction in immigration is required to ease pressure on resources including housing.
    Building more housing obviously helps but reducing demand is the only realistic way of reducing rents.
    Hopefully with the new Border Controls that will be achieved.


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