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Section 21 abolition has a silver lining says Haart

The Haart lettings agency says the government’s plan to abolish landlords’ Section 21 eviction powers may not be a bad thing.

The agency says it’s got “a more balanced view” of the decision than those in the industry who oppose the move.

“Many in the industry are horrified by the prospect of the abolition of the Section 21 notice, but we feel there is a more balanced view on the matter” claims Paul Sloan, operations director for the agency.


“Any proposal which increases security for a tenant will spell some good news for the rental industry, as tenants can feel truly at home in their rented property and establish roots in their community” he says.

“It is of course in a landlord’s best interests to have long-term, good quality tenants, so the value of this cannot be underestimated.

“From the landlord’s point of view, if the [alternative] Section 8 notice process doesn’t change, and quickly, then that could cause problems. But we are convinced a faster and more streamlined system will spell good news for the sector.

“A reformed Section 8 notice will essentially mean that landlords can use the correct channels to evict problematic tenants, meaning that they do not have to circumnavigate the right processes to ensure a timely and efficient outcome.

“The change will also mean that tenants have an additional level of security, which could attract even more ‘lifestyle renters’ to consider the long-term benefits of renting a house they can truly call home.”

  • Simon Shinerock

    A naive or disingenuous view, the reality will be a bad tenants charter and a further exodus of landlords

  • Stephen Chipp

    Also missing the fact that currently I can act as an agent under section 21 but have no standing in Court to do so under section 8. Lots of my clients are overseas meaning a solicitor will have to be employed adding massive cost to what should be a simple process.

  • James B

    They clearly don’t need to deal with some of the category of tenants we do in the north east where S21 is vital

  • icon

    Classic case of a corporate mentality of too big to care too much!

  • icon
    • 12 August 2019 15:24 PM

    Lifestyle renters are perfectly able to maintain long term tenancies and that is with S21 and 6 month AST still allowed.
    All such tenants have to do is comply with AST terms and pay annual rent increases............. simples!!

  • Mark Wilson

    Regardless of it being a good or bad, how will rents be reviewed after the abolition of section 21. The numbers of tenancies will be too great in numbers to use a Tribunal process, so what matrix? If rent controls come into play (which I think will be the case) the annual review could be RPI minus a % rather than RPI or RPI plus a %. In that way rents can be reduced over time allowing the market to stabilize.

    • 12 August 2019 18:47 PM

    The market may well stabilise but it will massively SHRINK.
    NO POINT in having rent control if there are fewer rents to control................caused by rent control!!!
    We have been here before in the 60 and 70's except now the penal onerous regulations now will result in far worse effects than back then.
    There is simply no way rent control works.
    The dopey Irish Govt is trying it and they currently have a rental crisis as substantial numbers of LL have deserted the market courtesy of the Irish S24 and rent stabilisation.
    The LL are NOT for returning anytime soon!
    Rent control simply won't work.
    Many LL including me will engage in criminal activity to evade such rent controls and tenants will also conspire in such criminal activity.
    They won't have much choice if they want a tenancy!!!
    Rent controls would also massively hit LA as LL withdraw their properties.
    After all a LA can hardly collect rent in excess of controlled rents whereas LL can!!
    Many LL will have to take to self-management if they wish to remain viable.
    This is what happened 5 decades ago.
    Nothing will change.
    Demand will always cause price discovery to occur and those wanting a service will pay the market price to beat others who expect to receive the service for less than a market price.
    It simply won't work.
    A rental black market always arises.

  • icon

    What complete woolly nonsense. I'm not aware that any of my tenants are reluctant to put down roots because of the existence of S21. Corporate bolloxs.
    Where do they get these people from?


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