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Make landlords centre of lettings to close 'digital gap', says PropTech firm

A new whitepaper argues that landlords and tenants aren't getting what they want from the rental market. It says landlords need to be made the centre of the lettings process instead of the property.

'How to improve the UK lettings market with technology and service' has been published by PropTech supplier Herddle.

The firm quotes Shelter research which suggests that fewer than half of tenants are happy with the way their letting agent handles the process of renting.


The same report from the housing charity also found that only 28% of tenants believe the services provided by a property management company are adequate.

Herddle says there is a 'digital gap' in the lettings market as agents and property professionals are 'failing to implement the digital services users need'.

The firm - which offers a system bringing together all parties involved in a rental transaction - says that to close the digital gap, the industry needs to blend the best of traditional customer service and the most useful aspects of technology.

It draws comparisons to online banking, which it suggests is now used by 69% of people.

"Landlords and tenants aren’t getting what they want from the property lettings system. But with the number of renters set to rise they both deserve better," says Corey Cummins, Herddle's chief executive.

"The industry needs better customer service, enabled by technology. Why can’t tenants access all of their documents online? How come landlords don’t get client accounts or tax certificates? Better digital, backed by people, can achieve all this."

"Let’s make the landlord the centre of the whole process, not the property, and give them a complete online service supported by human input."

Herddle says it provides landlords with an oversight of finances, agents with a smoother customer service offering and tenants with more transparency.

You can download its whitepaper here.

  • jeremy clarke

    More b*****ks from shelter! Shelter will only have contact with disgruntled tenants who will then be asked leading questions. If the average agents manage 200 properties per office and receive 1 complaint from a tenant that represents 0.005 percent to the agency. If that tenant is one of 2 that complain to shelter, that tenant now represents 50 percent!
    Anyone can massage figures, especially when high numbers make it easier to get handouts from government.

  • icon

    What did they pay for this advert?
    In the UK a White Paper is a Government report, NOT a press release.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    A lot of what they talk about here is available- is just depends on the agent/landlord involved and what approach they take. Our Landlords have had access to a portal since 2012 with access to the last 3 years of data for any property- invoices, account statements, annual tax summaries, maintenance issues- the lot. Our tenants have had access to a tenant app & portal since 2014 with access to all tenancy documents, safety certs, a live rent ledger, DMs and maintenance reporting & tracking. We used digital contracts across the entire box since 2012. This is all there and more products are arriving every day. This article would have been bang on the money a decade ago.

    Matthew Payne

    And 10 years on, you are still in the minority.

  • icon

    White Paper? White Paper my backside.
    It was printed on white paper. Should have printed it on coloured paper and it would have been a coloured article (but that would not have been PC!
    This it seems this is a load of codswallop


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