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Shelter plots huge email campaign to stop Renters Reform Bill ‘watering down’

Campaigning charity Shelter claims there’s a conspiracy amongst MPs, landlords and others in the private rental sector to water down the Renters Reform Bill.

The charity - which is coinciding the campaign with its traditional pre-Christmas fundraising exercise - claims that the progress and integrity of the Renters Reform Bill are being “disrupted by landlord MPs throwing their toys out of the pram.”

It does not specify who the MPs are, nor their demands to - in Shelter’s words - water down the provisions of the Bill.


But on Shelter’s website the charity claims: “If Michael Gove appeases their self-interested demands, he risks passing a watered-down law that doesn’t give renters the rights they desperately need.     

“It’s his job to make sure they know this isn’t all about them. Email him today. England’s 11 million renters need a government who cares about them.  

“Right now, 172 families a day are served a Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notice.  Yet we’re still waiting for reform while self-interested landlords demand unreasonable concessions. Together, we can challenge their voices. 

“It’s renters who are feeling the stress of the constant threat that they’ll be served a no-fault eviction.  

“It’s renters who are spending huge sums of money on rent in substandard properties. 

“It’s renters who are getting ill, living in unsafe homes, scared to complain in case they’re hit with an eviction notice. 

“Tell Michael Gove if he plans to keep his promises, he must pass a watertight Renters Reform Bill without caveats or loopholes.”

And on X - the social media platform previously known as Twitter - Shelter chief executive Polly Neate writes: “Show them we know what they’re up to and we want a Bill that gives renters decent rights at last.”

Shelter’s website gives an idiot’s guide to the email, including a template outlining every element that petitioners should include. 

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    Journalists should report the truth about Shelter's policies on security of tenure namely that they are causing landlords to serve Section 21 notices.

    It is ridiculous that a campaign can be run that doesn't represent the full truth. The reality should be reported, not a phoney emotional appeal.

    Barry X

    100% agreed @EE...

    except you're too polite - I'd go further and say not only does their campaign not represent the full truth... it doesn't represent ANY of it.

    I wonder why they don't just campaign to have us all arrested and imprisoned for trying to run an honest business, and have our properties confiscated and simply given to our tenants - since that's probably what they really want?


    What that landlords like to play the victims.


    SBR is the professional victim. I so wish we could hear her landlords’ stories.

  • David Fulcher

    I wonder where they get their 172 Section 21 a day figure, I wonder how many would be served an alternative with same affect if section 21 no longer existed but I KNOW how many of these tenants Shelter is homing,not a single one. The charity title suggests direct action and help but is just a self serving lobby group. Still fund raising I see, despite reporting exceeding their cash in the bank targets by some margin, pass the difference to Center Point.


    Well you tell what the figure is .


    SBR is on a roll today, but then she has nothing else to do.

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    i think I can quite categorically say that none of my tenants are living in sub-standard or unsafe homes and the only reasons that they are being served notice is due to their behaviour, rent arrears or the landlord has to sell as he can no longer afford the property.. Shelter are talking about a minority not majority and perhaps if they left their warm cosy offices and moved out of the inner cities they would find some very happy tenants living in comfort and warmth with no mould or condensation. the PRS have to stick to the rules and legislation but what about the housing associations they just seem to be a law unto themselves.

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    I'll gladly sign it..
    I'm sick of landlords playing the victims.


    SBR is ranting again.

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    I see Polly Bleat has been making up figures again. The woman really is incorrigible. Shelter. The Charity that does NOT do what it says on the tin.

    Barry X

    Actually, I wish it *was* just in a tin....

    ...childishly, as an experiment out of curiosity 🧑‍🔬...🔬 ...I'd be tempted to drop it into a bonfire with the lid still on and see if it explodes 💥 or maybe the lid just pops off and their vile, smelly, rather toxic contents foams out aggressively 👃 😝😝 just like normally happens with them in real life!

  • Hit Man

    Polly Bleat earns in excess of £150k PA and Shelter do not own one single dwelling of provide housing for Homeless, why does this organisation exist? what is their purpose?

    Barry X

    They have multiple purposes, all linked to each other.... none of them charitable... all of them highly political as well as fundraising.

    few if any of their activities or agendas are for the genuine benefit of truly homeless people because their focus in recent years seems to have been mainly people (oh, sorry... tenants.... if you're just living rough and have no landlord or indeed anyone they are unlikely to care) living in rental properties - but in the *private* rental sector, never, oh never, those owned or managed by housing associations or councils or any other "social" or for that matter socialist organisations who are all entirely exempt from their interest, campaigns or criticism.


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