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Mick Roberts
Mick Roberts
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Mick Roberts

From: Mick Roberts 19 December 2019 06:50 AM

Mick Roberts
https://www.facebook.com/309833935716287/posts/2052236921475971/ This will probably be in tomorrow's Post. Facebook Licensing only 7,000 Landlords have come forward so far. 25,000 Licenses still han't been paid or forthcoming. We now can't do repairs like new bathrooms and kitchen, so our houses are now becoming worse cause of Licensing. The problem is, and Steve and Anton are great blokes, it's the good tenants and the good houses and the good Landlords that are paying the £780 EACH house, they've been taxed, so the council can now go get the bad ones with OUR YOUR money. Is that fair? We'd say like a refund from the fines off the bad Landlords when u get em WITH OUR £780. What have we got with our money? What about the tenants who have now been made homeless-And there has been many cause their Landlords have been tipped over the edge and have now sold cause of the Licensing whopping extortionate fee when a Wales council Licensing fee is only £144. And the conditions that no tenant signed up to? Please forward share video & text to all Private tenants & Landlords https://youtu.be/CmM3vXWVV9Y www.selectivelicensingtruth.co.uk https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156410912847754&id=757157753 The New tenant Tax Nottingham Council expects private tenants to pay-Selective Licensing The truth about Nottm Council putting private tenants rents up Licensing cost £780 PER HOUSE Accreditation cost roughly £100 per house Electrical certificate £140 EACH HOUSE + average works per house £97 as stated by Government Floorplans each house £30 Inventory each house £45 Average works per house to bring to Newbuilds regs: £1000 Total cost £2192 per private tenant-And council houses don’t have to do it-Why not? Who’s paying for this? ‘Cause I’ve been renting houses for 20years & when costs go up, the rent has to, to cover it Payable UP-FRONT-Not weekly like the council will have you believe Insisting on all tenants having a reference before giving them a house, effectively meaning a lot of Housing benefit tenants can no longer have a house-Where they gonna’ live? Landlord has to criminal check himself Landlord has to prove he has Right to live in UK You rattle on about this £2pw. Your phone contract-Is it £20pm or do they ask for £1200 IN ONE GO AT THE BEGINNING? Your phone company doesn’t say £20pm, then as they about to ship the phone out, they say Oh we want £1200 now from DAY ONE, UP FRONT!!!! Please forward & share & make public to All private tenants & Landlords

From: Mick Roberts 17 August 2018 15:11 PM

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