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Labour not ruling out rent controls as possible manifesto pledge

A senior Labour spokesman has refused to rule out rent controls as a possible manifesto commitment for the June 8 General Election.


Jack Dromey - a former housing minister under Tony Blair and now shadow minister for labour - was put up as the party spokesman for a debate on housing on BBC2’s The Daily Politics yesterday lunchtime.



Dromey made a series of pledges including saying Labour would build 200,000 homes a year if it came to government, with around half of them being affordable, and insisted his party would significantly improve the quality and quantity of the private rental sector.


He was asked three times by presenter Andrew Neil whether the Labour manifesto would confirm a policy set out last year by party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who said he supported rent controls for private tenants. On all three occasions Dromey simply said people would have to wait for the party’s manifesto - prompting a premature end to the discussion when Neil said he was receiving “rhetoric not answers” from the politician.

In the summer of 2016, during the Labour leadership campaign between himself and Owen Smith, Corbyn listed 10 promises he would enact if he became Prime Minister. 

One was: “We will end insecurity for private renters by introducing rent controls, secure tenancies and a charter of private tenants’ rights, and increase access to affordable home ownership.” 

  • jeremy clarke

    Realistically they could promise that they would introduce pink unicorns into The Isle Of Wight, it doesn't matter what they promise because jc and his rag tag bag of followers will never again get the keys to number 10!

  • icon

    sick of Landlord bashing! what about Landlord rights !??????????I am only talking about good honest Landlords,NOT Landlords from hell.
    Why does this government allow tenants to not pay rent and get away with staying in the property and put the landlord through hell?
    It's time it was a criminal offence to damage property ,to not pay rent,and to not move when asked to because of breach of contract.
    Plus the tenants should be made to pay back all owed for rent(deduct it from their benefits,you and me pay from our taxes!!!!!!!!!!!Once asked to leave they should be considered as squaters and the police should be called and the government should support all this!
    Only then would I accept a rent freeze,oh by the way government if you freeze rents also freeze our interest rates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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