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Labour group says move to end pet ban doesn’t go far enough

A ginger group that supports the Labour party says the government’s bid to stop pet bans is meaningless and does not inconvenience landlords.

Left Foot Forward - a Labour-supporting online blog - carries a lead article saying: “Don’t believe the hype, the Tories are not making landlords accept pets.”

The article says Labour had a similar policy in its 2019 General Election manifesto that has now been taken by the newly-elected government, but is put forward in a way that is “so weak it’s meaningless so as not to inconvenience landlords.”


The blog goes on to say: “The government will alter the Model Tenancy Agreement which is a template designed to be used by landlords for their contracts with tenants, so that it allows pets … The only problem is that changing the Model Tenancy Agreement is pointless – hardly any landlords use it. Even if they do, they can just change the bit about pets.”

So far the Labour party has made no official comment on the surprise announcement at the weekend by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government that it would seek to stop landlords from automatically banning tenants from keeping pets in privately rented properties.

The current default tenancy agreement states that “the tenant must not keep any pets or other animals at the property without the prior written consent of the landlord which must not be unreasonably withheld.”  

The revised tenancy will be published later this year says the MHCLG.

The Residential Landlords Association has told its members that this initial action by the government does not make it a legally binding requirement for landlords to accept pets, and that landlords still hold the right to refuse tenants with pets.

You can see more details of the government's announcement on the issue here.


  • James B

    Of course labour won’t agree.. in today’s politics he who bashes landlords the hardest gets the vote .. or so they think

  • jeremy clarke

    "Doesn't inconvenience landlords "!
    Says it all really, another organisation that cannot see beyond their own pay packet doesn't understand the PRS and has no idea what tenants need which is more landlords not fewer landlords!


    I have to say these words “screamed at me” almost spate out my tea with rage! The tail is wagging the dog here!

     G romit

    So it seems Labours policy for the PRS is to inconvenience Landlords under the guise of helping Tenants!

    So the same as the Tory party policy then. :-)

  • icon

    Sorry are any labour MP's landlords that have had their property damaged by pets? I don't think so! If they were they would be trying to help landlords by making tenants answer for the damage they do and not the other way round.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    We know Labour are amongst the biggest hypocrites, so - what we could do with is some DETAIL.
    Names of Labour M.P's who rent property and the addresses. Some Private Investigation work , speaking voluntarily with their Tenants.
    That way, we'd find out what practices Labour Landlords get up to, and 'turn the tables'
    They need to be 'put back in their box'

  • David Baldwin


  • icon

    Labour are as ludicrous as the Tories on this. Will it now be compulsory to accept pets? Will non-pet owners now have to be discriminated against in favour of those that do? What will the sanctions be and how are they to be enforced - maybe Trading Standards will be sent out to interview landlords as to why they turned away Tiddles The Cat?!?! Absolutely farcical.


    The next step will be to get on a Channel 4 programme you will need to be a pet owner

  • Bryan Shields

    OK, the truth of the matter. Very many people now suffer from animal related alargies.
    Even with a good pet keeping clients, there are always smells/fleas & and the like which landlords pick up the cost of recovering the property from this situation with no chance of getting recompense frm the previous client. solution= = no pet policy. Of course most landlords/agents have pets of thier own & sympithise with pet owning clients.

  • icon

    Why doesn't the Labour group just admit that they hate landlords!


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