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Shelter hits out over “window dressing” policy for tenants

Campaigning charity Shelter has criticised Chancellor Rishi Sunak for allegedly leaving “far more people on the brink of homelessness than homeownership.” 

Chief executive Polly Neate has issued a statement bemoaning last week’s Budget for having insufficient assistance for private rental sector tenants. 

She says: “Sadly, the mortgage guarantee announced by the Chancellor is pure window dressing. Research shows it won’t help most renters and has no hope of turning ‘Generation Rent’ into ‘Generation Buy’.


"Two thirds of private renters have no savings at all, and there is no way they can scrape together the cash needed to afford a five per cent deposit, nor do they have the kind of income that would support a huge mortgage. It is not fair to peddle people pipe dreams.

"The government should be looking at meaningful solutions to the housing crisis, which is causing misery for millions, not reaching for political soundbites.”

Neate says the average house price for a first-time buyer in England is £224,600.


A five per cent deposit on a home of this value would be £11,200 and - she claims - typically require a household income of £59,300.

She says the typical median income of a renting household in England is “just £20,911” while she adds that the latest English Housing Survey shows 61 per cent of renters saying they have no savings at all. 

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    That's the trouble when these idiots use 'averages' to make their point.
    How about moving to a below average priced area? How about giving up on the foreign holidays, weekends away, experiences and all the latest gadgets? How about had we not let in 10 million people in the past decade?

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    Curious then that in one of my properties the majority who have left and not relocated for work, have actually bought a property. I wonder if that was because they were all employed?

    Prolly Bleat really has very little knowledge of actual working people.

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    May be we should be talking about the fact that council housing was sold off leaving the private sector to pick up the pieces and house ex council house people. Why the government are penalising the PRS and by default the people that need their help the most ie hard up tenants and increasingly landlords is beyond me. Yes we have the usual Scroungers and rouge landlords (and agents) but this is in minority. As a landlord AND letting agent I see both sides of the coin. People need housing so please HM Government stop using the industry and our clients (landlords snd tenants) as political footballs....


    Sadly you are whistling (polite word substituted) in the wind.

    If government does anything to help landlords, the cries of "Typical Tories helping greedy landlords" will be deafening. It is simple mathematics. How many tenants and tenant charities are there compared to landlords and landlord charities - not that there is such a thing as a landlord charity.


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