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Shelter back on the warpath over Section 21 evictions

Campaigning charity Shelter has renewed its calls for the abolition of S21 eviction powers.

It says new Ministry of Justice data shows the number of households removed from their homes by court bailiffs as a result of S21 is up 41 per cent in one year in England.   

Shelter claims that between April and June 2023, 2,228 households were evicted by bailiffs because of a Section 21, up from 1,578 households in the same quarter last year.  


Private landlords started 7,491 court claims to evict their tenants under Section 21 this quarter, up 35 per cent.

And the charity states that 24,060 households were threatened with homelessness as a result of a Section 21 in the past year – up by 21 per cent compared to the previous 12 months. 

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, says: “With private rents reaching record highs and no-fault evictions continuing to rise, hundreds of families risk being thrown into homelessness every day.  

“Landlords can too easily use and abuse the current system. Some will hike up the rent and if their tenants can’t pay, they will slap them with a no-fault eviction notice and find others who can. We speak to renters all the time who feel like they have zero control over their own lives because the threat of eviction is constantly hanging over them.  

“The Renters Reform Bill will make renting more secure, and for those who live in fear of the bailiffs knocking at their door, these changes can’t come soon enough. 

“The moment Parliament resumes, the government must get rid of no-fault evictions which have made the prospect of a stable home little more than a fantasy for England’s 11 million private renters.”

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    • Mr P
    • 11 August 2023 07:12 AM

    Polly. If you want to buy a property then you buy what you can afford. If you want to rent a property then you rent what you can afford. Hiking up the rent isn’t something that happens mid way through a tenancy but at the end when the renewal is due the rent should be at the market value. Plus it’s not just the tenants who need to be considered how much do you thing a landlords mortgage will have gone up in the last 12 months and do you really think its right that a landlord who is providing a service should do that at a loss? It’s supply demand dear sales market is floundering because of high interest rates so of course there is more demand for rentals but its very simple if you can’t afford the rent in your area then move area. Most people work from home these days so doesn’t matter where you live!


    I'd argue the point about the rent needing to be at market value at the time of renewal, as to many landlords and letting agents, having a good tenant is better than throwing one over for a little bit of extra rent from an unknown quantity. I'm not saying don't increase the rent, far from it!

    I have a landlord that does a standing 3% increase every year (except 2020/2021 for obvious reasons!) and another who passed away having never increased the rent, and his tenants have been served notice so that the property can be sold, but have wildly unrealistic expectations over rental values!

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    It is the RENTERS REFORM LEGISLATION which will cause the bailiffs to be operating at people's doors. It is a primary cause of people being served with notices to quit.

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    Shame on you Shelter when you know the situation in Scotland - a continuous increase in the number of families forced to live in unsuitable hotel accommodation!

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    She has to say these things to justify her huge salary that even the majority of landlords could ever dream of having

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    The usual rhetoric from Shelter. Abolishing S21 will never fix the real issues in the PRS.
    Shelter would help far more tenants by focussing their efforts on fixing the underlying issues.

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    So how many landlords have instructed their agent to serve a S21 because of their concerns over the Renters Reform Bill, tax increase issues and interest rate hikes have Shelter even looked at that, No they think they are fighting the tenants corner but all they are doing is making things worse for them, LLs are serving notice as they are worried that they won't be able to get their property back other than going to court if they do need to sell, move back in or provide accommodation for a family member. Why should a landlord that has put his hard earned money into investing in property subsidise his tenants as Mr P says if you can't afford to live in an area move to where you can.

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    Reminds me of the old rhyme:
    Polly Bleat is off again
    Off again, off again
    My dear landlord.

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    S21 Notices up by 21 percent over the last year and 35 percent increase in Court claims for possession this quarter. Why this sudden increase? This is a direct result of Shelter's campaigning against the PRS that Private Landlords are serving their good tenants with S21 Notices and exiting the PRS in droves and then having to go to Court for possession because their tenants can't find another property to rent and are being told by Councils to stay until the bailiffs arrive to kick them out.
    Shelter has done more harm to tenants than any private landlord ever has.

  • Hit Man

    Dear Polly, You reap what you sow!


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