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Hazel G
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Hazel G

From: Hazel G 09 July 2020 08:08 AM

Hazel G
I think it's time that we LL banded together to dispel the myths that we are 'malicious, greedy' etc. I became a LL quite by accident. My husband started a building company with just himself and one apprentice. I did the 'behind the scenes' stuff - liaised with Planning, Building Control, the Bank Manager, PAYE. Oh and the school run, the cooking, laundry, cleaning - stuff a lot of tenants don't seem to understand if the take away detritus, discarded clothes and filthy houses I have taken back into possession at times are any indication. Oh yes, not to mention putting on a boiler suit and becoming 'the third man' when necessary. When we wanted to expand the business we were worried we wouldn't have enough work to keep another couple of men employed, so we went into debt, bought a small plot of land and built two semis on it to ensure we could keep them busy. When they were finished, there was a recession and we couldn't sell them. It was a terrible time because you may not know but when a finished project goes into your balance sheet HMRC want a slice of the 'profit' even though you haven't made any! Our only option was to rent the semis out 'until the recession was over'. The first tenants we had were great. They stayed for five years. The gardens were tidy, the houses were in reasonable order and through sheet hard work and ingenuity we had pulled through economically and were running a profitable building company. Over the years the turnover of tenants reads like a sociological study. A generation came along who didn't know how to clean or garden and thought if they couldn't pay it was OK to shrug and expect me not to mind. 'Helicopter' parenting - no parenting - who knows why this trend occurred? I have always believed that if a tenant pays rent they are entitled to a good product. My houses are pristine when anyone moves to a very high standard, and any maintenance issues are dealt with promptly. Over the years I have often felt more like a social worker than a LL. I have bought white goods for tenants who couldn't afford them, kept tenants much longer than I should have done for the sake of giving their children some much-needed security and currently have a tenant who pays much less than market rent because I know she is very hard up. Obviously I am malicious and greedy! If I thought that writing to my dunder-headed MP was of any use, I would do so. Last time I wrote to him he told me I was 'shooting from the hip' and should take longer to consider things before contacting him again. Arrogant b*****d. Suggestions for how to tackle this ridiculous assumption that LL are not fit human beings will be warmly welcomed.

From: Hazel G 22 June 2020 13:44 PM

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