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More tenants say landlords should take on responsibility for amenities

One in seven British renters expect their landlords to resolve arguments over bill payments, a utilities provider claims.

The study, by Glide, surveyed 1,000 tenants either currently renting a property, or who have previously, to find out which issues they expect their landlords to be responsible for dealing with.

One in seven say they would leave a dispute over how to split bills with flatmates for their landlord to sort out.


And almost a quarter admit they would leave a dispute over parking up to the owner of the premises to resolve.

Although landlords are legally bound to solve certain problems that arise both inside and outside the property for renters, where and when those responsibilities pass over to the tenant can often be unclear.

Over a third of tenants aged under-25 believe that landlords should be responsible for changing a light bulb, and one in five believe their landlord should be responsible for fixing their Wi-Fi.



A Glide spokesman says: “Being a landlord comes with its fair share of responsibilities and a duty of care for the tenant, but increasing demands from occupants has led to the lines becoming blurred in terms of exactly what is and isn’t under a landlord’s remit.

“As such, it is easy to see why there can be a number of demands across the UK that landlords perceive as unreasonable.”

  • James B

    Rentflakes.. no surprise there then

  • icon

    Do they want to call us when they’ve been to the toilet and we’ll pop round and wipe their arses too!


    Perhaps not, but if Corbyn gets in we will have to provide free toilet rolls!

    Do they still make Izal?

  • icon

    There needs to be new school courses teaching how to live in a house. I am serious! When I was a child houses were very simple things and any one with a couple of brain cells would be very happy in life. There was no central heating and probably only one power socket in the kitchen. Some posh people even had a phone landline.

    I don't think it unreasonable for landlords to ask to see a prospective tenant's living in a house exam certificate before offering a let. I can think of a letting agent who should require their staff have one of these certificates as well.

    The changes in sixty years have been phenomenal. There must be twenty different types of light bulb sockets and as many bulb types to match. Plumbing fittings come in an amazing array of options. We use ring mains for electricity which demand some theoretical knowledge and even real add up maths to install properly! The list goes on. One item worth mentioning is changing batteries in fire alarms.

    I am not (quite) mad but we all read articles in the press about household accidents and some snowflake journalist writes about how it could have been avoided and how, "They" should have prevented it. "They" has to be replaced by "I and me".


    Why are you talking about plumbing fittings and ring mains? These are things that tenants and 99.9% of landlords shouldn't be touching, and nothing to do with this article at all.

  • Kieran Ryan

    Never heard so much nonsense!! what next?

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ... and a large Percentage think the Landlord should also be responsible for - wiping their Ar** !

  • Paul Singleton

    1 in 3 should perhaps go back to living with Mummy and Daddy so that they get tucked up at night as well, maybe if they’ve been good with a story!

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    What nonsense. So your landlord sorts out and pays your bills? So where is the incentive to be environmentally responsible? How does the bond cover shortfalls in rent let alone outstanding bills? Actually glad I'm quitting the PRS. Fruitloop tenants who can't do basic maintenance, demand the earth and are rude coupled with the tax, legislation, regulation and, yes, persecution of landlords does not make good business sense to me.

  • icon

    If you, as landlord, provide internet connection, it is your responsibility to make sure it's working.
    If you let out rooms to tenants, then communal areas are your headache. Bulb doesn't work in the corridor? You take responsibility and change it. If you provided from with lightbulb, then it is your responsibility to change lightbulb.
    I know many of us trying to squeeze money from poor tenant without taking responsibility of basics. It's not fair for tenant. If you're in doubt what to do, put yourself in the shoes of tenant.


    And this is why landlords are selling up. Good luck housing yourselves. Once you have to pay for your own decorating, repairs and whatever else is taken for granted, may be you'll realise the situation many in the PRS face. Yes yes, we are not angels but neither are many tenants. Yet only LLs get screwed over on court. Tenants? Can wreck your house, not pay rent and walk away because they can't afford to repay you. Talk about pandering.

  • icon
    • 12 December 2019 17:08 PM

    What a bunch of LL charlatans!

    Luckily I have a beautiful council property in the South West and don't get fleeced by greedy LLs anymore.

    They actually change my light bulbs if I require it. However I do it all myself because I appreciate what I have from them... Ie, cheap rent for one!

    LLs moan about changing a tenants lightbulb, yet they are the ones who own the property, so it's their lookout. If I rent a hotel room, I don't change the bulb myself I get the local numpty on the desk to do it. Having said this, I'd offer to do it for them if I was feeling generous and appreciative of their service since I'm an electrician. I certainly won't do it for a LL who doesn't give a fcuk about Tennants.

    You made your beds... Now lie in it!


    "Local numpty". What an awful attitude towards a fellow human being. I would prefer it if my tenants could do such things for themselves, but if they can't I'll show them how to do it. I think the issue is that people's expectations have changed over time. When I was a tenant the landlord provided nothing but an empty shell. Nowadays tenants have much higher expectations. We all have to adapt to the times but it's understandable that for some landlords, the time and costs no longer make renting viable. Local authorities don't have to pay tax on the income and get massively discounted furniture and services. That's why they can afford to provide cheaper housing. It isn't that private landlords don't care or are making a mint.


    You sound awfully bitter, and more than a bit arrogant too.
    Info on lightbulbs for you ;-)
    "If light bulbs or tubes are recorded as present and working at the start of the tenancy, then these are consumable items that the tenant is responsible for replacing and should also be in place and working at the end of the tenancy."


    No-one owes you cheap rent you idiot. Your 'beautiful council property' is being subsidised by the tax payer, another name on the ever growing list of burdens to the people who actually produce the prosperity in this country. Funnily enough, I'm an electrician too, however, I don't need anyone to pay my way.

    Keep taking your appalling attitude through life with you and see how happy you end up. That same attitude keeps you beholden to the state who have full control of your life. Housing is a political pawn, and you have no control over your own, or your family's destiny. Wait until the council decide to sell the housing stock to a non profit and your rent doubles. Or they move a family of scrotes or druggies onto your street. See how accomodating socialism then to the average man.

    Keep thinking nothing bad will ever happen and daddy council will continue to wipe your arse. Then think of those of us who live in nice areas that we CHOSE to live in, rather than were told to after waiting on a list for years. The only difference between you and us is that appalling attitude I mentioned earlier.

    S l
    • S l
    • 01 January 2020 04:48 AM

    No wonder local authorities are making losses in housing. I wonder why. If you want hotel service, then pay the price that goes with it. Only rogue snowflakes tenants demand everything and being self entitled and failed to deal with life responsibilities.

  • icon

    At the risk of stating the obvious.... it is the tenants responsibility to change light bulbs. They're classed as consumables! Talk about snowflakes, since when did anyone call someone in to change a light bulb? It's laughable

  • icon
    • 31 December 2019 08:34 AM

    Behaving in a tenant like manner as detailed by Lord Denning.
    A very sensible Judge.
    Tenants should perhaps be aware of his judgements so they understand how they are meant to live.
    The attitude of the Council house poster is typical of the millions of feckless wasters reliant on welfare.
    Effectively the lazy gits are massively subsidised by the hard working taxpayers and yet fail to appreciate their good fortune.
    All they moan about are their rights while contributing nothing to the system that pays for their fecklessness.
    It is no wonder that LL state

    NO DSS!!

    No LL would want to take on such a tenant as this feckless poster.
    Being granted subsidised social accommodation is a privilege

    NOT a right.
    This idiot doesn't seem to appreciate his privileged status as a social housing tenant.
    To imagine that a private business would behave in the same way as a subsidised operation is mind-boggling.
    There are few if any business imperatives with social housing.
    The PRS is of course subject to many onerous business imperatives which results in the private rental offer being completely different to the subsidised social housing model.

  • Suzy OShea

    In my AST it states that tenants must be prepared to do small jobs which any reasonable person would do. This covers changing ordinary light bulbs and staying at home to let in workmen to fix more serious repairs. They are also required to report faults immediately. I also employ a weekly cleaner who keeps a watch on the property.


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