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Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill
Managing Director
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Leicester's Leading Online Letting Agent. On your doorstep throughout the East Midlands.

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Andrew Hill

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Andrew Hill

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Andrew Hill
Surely, the costs businesses have to pay for CMP and memberships to "professional" bodies should come down if this forced upon us? As a new lettings agency dealing with coming to terms with the potential tenant fee ban, how are we expected to not pass costs on to landlords who, in turn, will pass the higher costs onto tenants in the form of rent? Personally, I don't think PropertyMark are as credible - look at Foxtons, still showing on propertymark register and still showing the logo on their website yet convicted for failing to prove their properties were safe? What even does property mark stand for if not to show agents actually know what they're doing and are compliant with the law? I expected Foxtons to lose the property mark seal after being convicted of failing to provide safe properties but apparently, so long as you pay your fees, you don't have to abide by their code of conduct. As for CMP as a whole, another expense... What if you don't have any staff? I don't think CMP boosts credibility. "Yes, Mr Client. We have CMP in place so that you're protected should we decide to fail to pass on monies due." - Professional Indemnity usually covers client money from a staff point of view so CMP is really for the agents who don't trust themselves to look after their clients money. Frankly, if an agency gives reason for CMP, for example, because they've misappropriated client funds in the past, should they even be allowed to operate? I'd say no... If I was a landlord and I found out the agents I employed had previously misappropriated funds, even with CMP, I wouldn't want to deal with them.

From: Andrew Hill 05 February 2018 08:18 AM

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