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New London rental licensing regime launches next week

A new borough-wide landlord licensing scheme is set to launch in the London borough of Brent on April 1, the council...

27 March 2024

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Labour has waded into the increasingly-fractious debate over the Renters Reform Bill. Activists in groups such as the Renters Reform Coalition and...

29 February 2024

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Huge number of new rental licensing schemes set for 2024

A survey of local council private rental licensing schemes says 19 selective and additional licensing schemes and consultations will be taking...

09 February 2024

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Will 2024 see the end of private rental sector licensing?

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has given what some commentators have interpreted as a sign that private rental sector licensing from councils...

27 December 2023

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Leading agent angry over licensing lack of communications

A high profile lettings agent has written to his local council seeking information about an Additional Licensing scheme which has expired...

04 October 2023

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Agency in the dock for failing to licence rental property

An agency has been fined by a London council for failing to licence a property it was managing. Gracechurch Property Services has...

21 September 2023

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Labour boss says “uninterested agents” force tenants to “disgusting conditions”

Two massive new rental licensing schemes are set to be approved in Brighton - and part of the reason is “uninterested...

14 September 2023

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Agents have two months to tell council licensing bosses what they think

There’s to be a consultation this autumn about a proposed selective licensing regime in Scarborough. The proposal covers parts of the Castle,...

12 September 2023

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Council “deluged” with complaints about private rental homes

Landlords of more than 5,000 homes must register for a license and ensure their tenants have good quality housing or face...

25 July 2023

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Root and branch HMO crackdown on the agenda for council

A new action plan to tackle issues around HMOs is being drawn up by a Midlands council next week. West Northamptonshire council’s...

06 July 2023

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Agents hit with record licensing fines says PropTech firm

London letting agents and landlords have so far been hit with more than £900,000 in fines in the first half of...

05 July 2023

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Agents told ‘Get A Move On’ as licensing scheme flags

  A council has told letting agents to ‘get a move on’ as it admits there’s been a slow start to its...

20 June 2023

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Beef Up Selective Licensing - think tank recommendations

A left-leaning think tank which says it champions ‘left-behind Londoners’ is demanding a turbo-charged version of selective licensing to be run...

26 May 2023

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Stamp Duty Surcharge: Labour considers raising it even higher

Labour is considering raising the buy to let and holiday home stamp duty surcharge above the current three per cent if...

12 May 2023

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Rogue agency hit with big fine for failing to licence properties

An estate agency has been prosecuted and ordered to pay £35,000 for falling foul of property licensing rules. Green House Estate Agents...

17 February 2023

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Agents invited to virtual forum to discuss new licensing schemes

Letting agents and landlords are invited to join a virtual forum for a further update on new licensing requirements and to...

25 January 2023

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Gove told of agents’ worries about rash of council licensing schemes

Propertymark has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove outlining its concerns about the latest licensing scheme proposal from a local council. The...

04 January 2023

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Training for agents handling new council licensing scheme

A London borough is tomorrow holding an online training session for agents and landlords on how to submit a licence application...

06 December 2022

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London council kicks off three month licensing consultation

Over the next three months Redbridge council in London is consulting on proposals to renew selective licensing in the borough. It says...

14 November 2022

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Britain’s most controversial rental licensing - questions being asked

A scheme which some regard as the most controversial landlord licensing regime in the country is coming under scrutiny. Labour councillors on...

18 October 2022

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Government backs unusual licensing scheme linked to EPCs

An extension to a private rental property licensing scheme in London has been given the green light by the government. Haringey council’s...

26 August 2022

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Agency warns licensing won’t stop rogues and may deter good landlords

A lettings agency says the cost of living crisis calls into question the viability of a selective licensing scheme in its...

05 August 2022

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Pilot scheme finds high proportion of rental homes need work - claim

A council claims that a pilot licensing scheme has discovered a very high proportion of rental homes requiring improvement. Plans to extend...

01 July 2022

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Rental reform may be bogged down after elections, warns supplier

Last month’s local election results could yet impact on the private rental sector, a prominent industry supplier claims. The Association of Independent...

06 June 2022

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Government says city’s entire private rental sector must have licensing

All private rented homes in Oxford will need a licence from this September, following a green light from the government. Some 49.3...

28 April 2022

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Licensing Momentum Grows - two London boroughs consulting

Two more London boroughs are consulting about licensing schemes which will require landlords or their agents to pay hundreds of pounds...

31 March 2022

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Lettings licensing success justifies new five year extension - claim

Another council is to conduct a consultation process to expand selective and additional licensing schemes for the next five years. Under existing...

28 March 2022

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Labour council extends already-large licensing scheme

Bristol council has approved plans to introduce licensing in more parts of the city. Additional Licensing and Selective Licensing schemes will be...

20 December 2021

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One of UK’s largest licensing schemes revealed - consultation starts today

Consultation begins today on a selective licensing scheme for privately rented housing in 25 wards of Birmingham. Under the suggested scheme, all...

25 October 2021

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Was agent fined merely for helping his mother manage a property?

A bizarre fine imposed on a managing agent by a local authority appears to have been reversed because the council flouted...

18 August 2021

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Another rental property licensing scheme consultation launched

A proposal for one of the country’s largest ever private rental sector licensing schemes has gone out to consultation. Manchester’s Labour council...

22 June 2021

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London council says licensing needed as third of homes privately rented

A London council has embarked on consultation over two new private rental licensing schemes - and says they are needed as...

23 March 2021

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London council says licensing regimes ‘make renting fairer’

A London council describes two new licensing schemes as ‘making renting fairer’ - even though they are launched during the pandemic. Islington’s Labour...

17 February 2021

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Council ignores ARLA warning and ploughs on with licensing

Earlier this week ARLA branded local councils pursuing private rental licensing during the pandemic as “socially irresponsible” - but one of...

22 January 2021

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Agent speaks out against possible ‘money making’ licensing scheme

A lettings agent has spoken out at a local council landlord licensing scheme, suggesting it might just be nothing more than...

29 December 2020

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Activists gather outside city agency after licensing protest

Activists from the so-called renters’ union Acorn have held a protest outside the office of a lettings agency in Oxford. A photograph...

19 November 2020

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Licensing on its way after 92% of HMOs show problems

A major north of England local authority wants to introduce landlord licensing for HMOs where three or four tenants live, following analysis...

19 October 2020

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London council licensing scheme lapses after five years

A private rental licensing consultancy has spotted that an additional licensing scheme run by a London borough council has now lapsed...

07 September 2020

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Shock 58 per cent rise in licensing fee imposed by council

A new private rental licensing regime in a London borough is being described as “a major step forward in improving living...

03 September 2020

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Labour council proposes controversial city-wide licensing scheme

Oxford council, which has 49 per cent of its housing stock in the private rental sector, is starting a formal consultation...

02 September 2020

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Agents invited to comment on two new proposed licensing schemes

Charnwood council in the East Midlands is proposing to introduce two different licensing schemes for private landlords, with agents and others...

12 August 2020

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London council revives licensing idea with online consultation

Greenwich council in London has resuscitated a proposal to extend its existing selective licensing regime, put on ice during the Coronavirus...

10 August 2020

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Bid to licence 50,000 properties - council extends consultation

A local authority has extended its consultation process for a selective licensing system which, if it goes ahead, would see some...

27 July 2020

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Selective Licensing: Another London council begins consultation

Harrow council in north London has launched a formal consultation on its plan to renew its landlord licensing scheme in the...

11 June 2020

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Council asks lockdown residents to report illegal HMOs

Residents at home during lockdown who may have seen families crammed into overcrowded HMOs are being asked to report the properties...

01 June 2020

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Council licensing scheme challenged by alternative proposals

A group of local landlords and others in the private rental sector are challenging a local authority’s licensing proposals with their...

07 May 2020

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Agents warned as council postpones licensing clampdown

A local authority has postponed the extension of its private rental sector licensing regime - but it’s warning agents not to...

03 April 2020

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Delay all new licensing schemes for six months, urges industry body

Not-for-profit accreditation service safeagent says the government should ensure councils delay the introduction of all new private rental sector licensing schemes...

20 March 2020

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Council wants county-wide selective licensing to be introduced

Another council is consulting on introducing a selective licensing scheme - and again it claims it will “create better housing for...

28 February 2020

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Council claims licensing scheme ‘has improved 3,100 homes’

The government has given the green light to a council’s huge licensing scheme, set to cover 18 of its 20 wards...

17 February 2020

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Council reveals huge administration cost for licensing scheme

Enfield council in London has confirmed that it will introduce borough-wide additional licensing. It is also seeking consent from the government to...

07 February 2020

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Multiple prosecutions as council names and shames rogues

A council has prosecuted five private landlords who failed to get licences for the properties they let out. Oldham council says its...

05 February 2020

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Huge fine for repeatedly ignoring rental licensing laws

A landlord has ended up with fines totalling over £90,000 after repeatedly ignoring a council’s selective licensing regime. Stephen Ige pleaded guilty...

04 February 2020

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Government backs huge licensing scheme extension until 2025

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has backed a five year extension for a massive London council landlord licensing...

28 January 2020

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 Dawn raids on rental properties as part of licensing crackdown

Officers from a local council simultaneously staged 10 dawn raids on properties owned by unlicensed landlords. All the terraced homes, in Slough,...

24 January 2020

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Industry delight at government rejection of licensing extension

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has rejected a bid by Labour-controlled Liverpool council to extend its licensing scheme for five years. Government approval...

14 January 2020

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Thousands of landlords rejected for licensing scheme, claims council

Oldham council is the latest to seek an extension of a selective licensing scheme beyond its mandatory five year term -...

03 January 2020

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Did court case cost more than the fine for this rogue landlord?

A rogue landlord has been fined £1,384 for failing to get a council licence for two buy to let properties. The case...

27 December 2019

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Property company boss fined £35,000 for buy to let licence breaches

The owner of two properties has been fined £35,000 for breaches of the selective licensiing regime in his local area.  At a...

02 December 2019

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Owner hit with £60,000 in fines over substandard property

A landlord has been hit with court fines for a fourth time for failing to properly manage his rental properties.  Landlord Jack...

27 November 2019

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Government backs council licensing, gives millions more for enforcement

The government has given an extra £3.8m to councils to come up with ways of catching rogue landlords - and in...

05 November 2019

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Selective licensing overhaul needed quickly, government told

The government is being urged to speed up the release details of the future it sees for selective licensing following revelations...

25 October 2019

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Shock warning that agents could be sued under selective licensing laws

A long-term legal critic of selective licensing is warning that letting agents could be held jointly accountable with the landlords, -...

22 October 2019

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Ex-Premiership footballer fined £25,000 for series of rental offences

Former QPR and Nottingham Forest striker Dexter Blackstock has been fined over £25,000 and branded a rogue landlord after admitting 12 licencing offences. He...

21 October 2019

From: Breaking News

Cut licensing red tape! Trade group wants simpler, better-enforced system

Research by safeagent - the new name for the National Approved Letting Scheme - has found over 130,000 unlicensed properties in...

14 October 2019

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Yet More Licensing: councils want more freedom to expand schemes

An umbrella organisation representing councils is calling for greater freedom to introduce more and larger rental sector licensing schemes, without the...

01 October 2019

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Labour chief and anti-agent group want city-wide rental licensing

A senior Labour politician in Sheffield and the campaign group Acorn have both expressed support for a selective licensing scheme to...

25 September 2019

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Corbyn's council appoints a private renters' champion

A Labour councillor on Islington council - which is controlled by the party and has Jeremy Corbyn as a local member...

17 September 2019

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London council returns to licensing five years after humiliating U-turn

Enfield wants to be the latest London council to introduce large-scale additional and selective licensing schemes which would affect most private rented...

05 September 2019

From: Breaking News

Blocked! Government refuses to back council licensing plan

The government has blocked a council rolling out selective licensing across no fewer than 3,000 homes in its patch.  Under Stoke on...

13 August 2019

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“It’s Illegal!” - council licensing scheme blasted by trade body

A local authority is being warned that its landlord licensing and accreditation scheme is potentially unlawful. The Residential Landlords Association, which represents...

05 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Another council seeks government backing to widen licensing

Another local authority has announced that it wants to introduce another selective licensing scheme and designate its entire patch for HMO...

02 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Council boasts of issuing 133 penalty notices and 23 improvement notices

A London council wants to extend its private rental sector licensing scheme - and in doing so is boasting of the...

02 July 2019

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Selective licensing: 12 big changes being considered by government

An independent review into selective licensing in the private rental sector makes a series of recommendations to tighten processes, with the...

26 June 2019

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U-turn Hypocrites! Government accused of reneging on rental sector pledge

A trade body has accused the government of going back on its promise not to introduce a national register of landlords. The...

26 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Unsafe and unlicensed: big fine for investor after past warnings ignored

A buy to let investor who let out an unsafe and unlicensed property in London has now been hit with a...

21 June 2019

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Out of order! Council accused of illegal licensing fee structure

A lettings sector trade body has written to a council accusing it of initiating an “unlawful” fee structure for a licensing...

14 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Yet more licensing: Consultation underway to extend London scheme

Consultation is underway to extend a landlord licensing scheme in a London borough where a third of households rents privately.  Three types...

12 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Fees Ban will particularly hurt tenants in selective licensing areas - claim

The National Landlords Association says it’s concerned the Fees Ban coming into effect in just two days’ time may limit access...

30 May 2019

From: Breaking News

Should ‘revenue raising licensing schemes’ reinvest in the PRS?

Revenue raised by landlord licensing schemes should be used to enforce rental sector regulation, according to PayProp. It says that the money...

09 May 2019

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Daniel Gibson, director at Daniel Craig Residential

Who are you and what does it say on your business card?  My name is Daniel and I’m a director at...

30 April 2019

From: 60 Second Interview

Lettings reform: major announcements soon, says government

A housing minister has pledged that more key reforms for the private rental sector will be revealed soon, despite Brexit political...

03 April 2019

From: Breaking News

Here we go again: More councils want licensing schemes

Leicester is the latest council to begin consultations on selective licensing in six parts of the city - with the threat...

22 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Stop the excuses! Lack of enforcement by councils blasted by trade body

A leading trade body says the argument that councils have insufficient powers to tackle rogue operators isn’t supported by the facts...

08 March 2019

From: Breaking News

See you in court! Licensing scheme may face legal challenge

Another controversial scheme licensing landlords who let their homes out may face legal challenge. Middlesbrough council’s formal consultation on the introduction of...

25 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Council admits it: 'We don't have staff to police private rental sector'

A local authority in the Midlands has admitted what many people have believed for some time - despite a slew of...

22 February 2019

From: Breaking News

More councils want to increase rental sector licensing regimes

More local authorities have announced that they want to increase the size of the areas covered by their existing selective licensing...

19 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Solicitor renews attack on “unfair” landlord licensing by councils

A legal firm has renewed its criticism of local authority licensing schemes, accusing them of “persecuting” landlords. David Kirwan, managing partner at...

15 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Hefty fine after buy to let owner fails to comply with Improvement Notice

A landlord who failed to comply with orders to improve the standard of a property has had to pay over £7,500...

05 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Licensing: councils accused of automatically imposing harshest penalties

Councils have been accused of routinely pursuing the most serious enforcement option open to them if they find a local licensing...

14 January 2019

From: Breaking News

Sigh of relief as London council delays enforcement action timetable

One of London’s most enthusiastic councils for additional and selective licensing has pushed back the date for enforcement action against landlords...

04 December 2018

From: Breaking News

'Expose rogue tenants too' demands agent starting anti-licensing petition

The head of a lettings agency has launched a petition in opposition to a bid by a local council to extend...

27 November 2018

From: Breaking News

‘Take rogues to court’ - council urges private tenants to take civil action

Nottingham council - which recently introduced one of the largest and most controversial selective licensing schemes in the country - now...

23 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Rat-infested homes let to tenants - owner to face criminal charges

A buy to let investor has been forced to close down two rat infested homes he owns in Rotherham after they...

22 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Chaos as thousands of licensing applications rejected by council

Local press reports say that one of the country’s most controversial buy to let licensing schemes has seen thousands of applications...

16 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Trade body threatens council with Judicial Review over licensing plan

The Residential Landlords Association is threatening a council with a judicial review because of unresolved concerns over the authority’s selective licensing...

05 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Council to send hundreds of buy to let fixed-penalty notices today

A council says it has been preparing prosecution and penalty notices “for hundreds of private landlords that have failed to apply...

01 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Labour threat to create private rental register and more licensing

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has made a clear pledge to tighten regulations surrounding the private rental sector. In an interview with The...

31 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Shocking claim that councils 'interview landlords under caution'

The heavy-handed administration of selective licensing schemes is driving out buy to let investors. That’s the claim from David Kirwan of Kirwans...

30 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Fine after untrue claim that properties to let 'were empty'

A landlord has been ordered to pay £452 after he breached the terms of his licence in an area of County...

23 October 2018

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